Bayview Coffee

Featuring wonderful dark chocolate tones, a hint of red wine, and a robust blend of spices, this bag of whole bean coffee is named after the bustling Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco, where the wonderful Californian wines call home.


Bayview Community

Welcome to the most diverse neighborhood in San Francisco. Initially nicknamed Butchertown, Bayview is an isolated area of the southeast waterfront and the center of black culture in SF. Now that the wave of gentrification has officially reached Bayview, longtime residents are struggling to hold on.
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About Tallio's Coffee & Tea

Tallio’s Coffee is a coffee roaster, beverage brewer, cafe, and retailer headquartered in Bayview San Francisco, California. We are focusing on bringing quality, high end coffee and beverages including ginger, tea, and coffee brewing training to neglected communities. Our goal is to fill the need for our vibrant communities and visitors. Our communities deserve a brand and place that provides quality fresh brew coffee, and a place to hangout. We are excited to be in the community. Visit us at for orders delivered to your door or click the button below to order our signature Bayview select beans below. We look forward to provide you good quality affordable coffee, ginger beverages, and tea.

Roasted & Packaged by
Tallio’s Coffee Roasters
San Francisco, CA 94124

Cupping Notes:

Baker’s Chocolate

Red Wine


Dark Roast

Blend Ingredients:

Crafted with specialty coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, and Mexico.

Roast Level

Dark Roast


It is a coffee with deep, dark chocolate tones and a bold coffee flavor. Named after a neighborhood in San Francisco, California, Bayview’s cocoa notes pair beautifully with milk or stand-alone, making it the perfect filter coffee for a fulfilling morning.

Good for Health

13 Benefits of Coffee


Drink this coffee with a dash of milk or plain and black for a vibrant taste ideal for your morning cup of joe.

Bayview is our signature label and reflects the enduring strength of the San Francisco Bayview community with its robust flavor.

Today we share the face of Bayview with this select brew.

Love takes off the masks we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.
James Baldwin
James Baldwind

Trivia: James Baldwin and Robert F. Kennedy both visited this robust community in the 60’s. Bayview was the marginalized subject of Baldwind’s 1963 documentary, “Take This Hammer” stating, “this is the San Francisco America pretends does not exist.”


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Roasted to Perfection and reflecting the enduring strength of the Bayview community for those with a can-do spirit!


Tallios is passionate about artisanal coffee!
Patrick Gunn
We have enjoyed Tallio's Coffee for over a year now and continue to enjoy the quality and taste of Tallio's beans.
T. Melling
A small heaven of tastes.
A. Mullins

Bayview is sure to be your go-to

Roasted to Perfection! Packaged flavor of enduring strength.



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