Coffee Roaster Medium Roast Decaf Midtown

Although it’s hard to imagine walking through New York City’s bustling midtown before having your morning coffee, it’s safe to say that in the city that never sleeps, even decaf coffee can warm the heart.

Our Decaf Midtown features premium whole bean coffee freshly harvested through a chemical-free water process to prevent contamination. From there, they’re delicately roasted into the perfect medium roast blend to give you the sweet, fruity, and nutty flavors that you crave.



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Blend Notes

We pay extra attention to decaf because we know people love it solely for its flavor. For Midtown, we start with great coffee—from the same farmers we work with for all of our coffees—and decaffeinate it in small batches using chemical-free water processing.

Midtown reflects two ideas: Coffees are best when they are freshly harvested, and decaffeinated coffees can be exceptional.

Like fresh produce, coffee harvest seasons change over the course of the year. Midtown is our home for new, delicious decaf coffees that emerge as the seasons change. This attention to freshness—combined with small-batch, chemical-free water processing—results in decaf coffee that is sweet, complex, and rewarding. The equal of any caffeinated coffee. Enjoy a cup of coffee, just because it is delicious.

Decaf Midtown cupping notes:

Molasses, Cocoa, Smooth

Blend Ingredients:

Crafted with specialty coffee beans from Peru.




Certifications: Kosher, Certified Organic

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12 oz


Whole Bean, Drip, French Press, Melitta Chemex, Percolator, Home Espresso, Commercial, Stove Top, Turkish


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