Antelope – Light Roast

Bright, silky, and sweet. This light roast is the perfect pick-me-up with soft notes of floral and citrus. Sip on 100% specialty Ethiopian coffee beans that are imported from the birthplace of coffee. The city of Antelope (our coffee’s namesake) is split across a major highway, so we decided to create a single-origin roast that is just as balanced.


Antelope is a small, rural community on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation at the southern edge of South Dakota. Sprawling grasslands stretch to the north, and Antelope Lake borders the southern edge. Although Antelope’s community has changed over the years and its residents now combat an addiction epidemic, the city has hope for a brighter future.


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Blend Notes

Antelope’s goal is to create a brewing–friendly coffee with the best possible coffees with less focus on trying to make it taste exactly the same all of the time—all the while using freshly harvested coffees.

Antelope is clean and bright. Specific flavors (e.g. citrus, floral, honey, etc.) will change with the seasons, but the thing that will never change is the clarity of the coffee.

Antelope cupping notes:

Citrus, Floral, Silky

Blend Ingredients:

Crafted with specialty coffee beans from Ethiopia.



Natural Sundried

Certifications: Kosher, Certified Organic

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12 oz, 5 lb


Whole Bean, Drip, French Press, Melitta Chemex, Percolator, Home Espresso, Commercial, Stove Top, Turkish


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